Basically, you get to design the life you want... the life you deserve!

By spending time in a quiet, calm environment, you are given the space to think, reflect, review and establish what is important to you... and what isn’t. Is there a gap between where you are now and where you want to be? Why wait for opportunities to arise when you can make changes now?

Your coach (that’s me!) asks you thought provoking questions and together, we work out what you want, what you have and what you need to do to get what you want. I will be responsible for the process but you will need to be responsible for the results. Simples!

At the end, you get to run off into the sunset thinking 'why on earth didn’t I do this earlier?' and live happily ever after. Okay, so its not that black and white, but you get the gist?

I will be helping you to:

• identify your strengths and limiting beliefs
• take the time you need to think and talk
• establish what is important to you
• expand your self-awareness
• make the most of yourself
• define a plan and get your life back
• build self-confidence and self-esteem
• accelerate positive change in your life
• reach your full potential
• keep motivated and obtain personal growth

Well no. They are both life focussed but where a counsellor will analyse the past and evaluate human behaviour, a coach will very much work on discovering answers to build a more satisfying and successful future. Only if you are having trouble moving forward, will a coach encourage you to explore past issues, to see what is holding you back.

I truly feel that anyone, during any time of their life, can and will benefit from coaching.

Some lives go through lots of changes – some of them unwelcome ones – when we feel we can’t cope. Coaching gives you that time you need to come to terms with what’s just happened and allows room for you to think about what actions you need to take in order to move forward.

On the other hand, some peoples’ lives don’t have enough change in them, they just plod along; could be better, could be worse. You really don’t want to look back on your life and think 'if only...'. You only have one life, please live it the best way you can.

Its time to get in touch if:

• you’re feeling overwhelmed and out of control
• you want that rug put back firmly under your feet
• you feel that life is okay but its not great
• you could be doing more, achieving more
• you’re feeling lonely, isolated
• you’re bored, under stimulated, not appreciated
• you have a poor work/life balance
• you’ve lost your identity
• you never have any “me” time
• you don’t like the look of your future
• you have no strategy, no plan, no direction
• you are in an unhappy relationship
• you are stuck/unfulfilled/feeling numb
• you are stressed
• you just want more out of life

Okay, here are a few scenarios when you might be feeling this way...

• you have just moved house
• you are new to the area
• you are a first time parent
• you are recently single/divorced/widowed
• you are unhappy with a relationship
• you are unhappy with your career
• you have no career/you have just been made redundant
• you are ready to go back to work
• you have recently retired

See what I mean??!! I could go on and on and on and on and on...

• If we are focusing on the fact that you have no direction, no strategy, no plan, then the end result would be that you get to feel in control of your life. You get to plan your future and to look forward to it. Imagine a future filled with exciting projects – doing what you want to do, when you want to do them.

• If we are focusing on the fact that you are unhappy with your career, the end result would be that you wake up every morning, excited to go to work (or not every morning if that's your preference!).

• If we are focusing on poor work/life balance, then the end result would be that you look at your week ahead and its filled with a pleasant mixture of work/play/family time/hobbies etc.

• If we are focusing on a poor relationship, the end result would be that either you have found the courage to disconnect with that person completely or you have agreed terms on which you can conduct your relationship but they are your terms and you are in control.

• If we are focussing on a major change in your life, the end result would be that you have set realistic objectives to help you through that transitional period and you are fully in control of the future.

First and foremost, you need to be serious about making positive changes in your life. The coaching process requires dedication and commitment and you need to agree to attend regular sessions. Change can feel exciting to some but to others, it can feel very scary. You won’t be asked to do anything you don’t want to do and you set the pace and the objectives and I will be right with you throughout your journey.

To get the most out of your sessions, you will need to be honest with yourself and your coach and you may need to “dig deep” to get to the crux of what is holding you back (if indeed, anything is!).

Your coach might suggest homework for you to do in between coaching sessions, so allow time for this also.

A session lasts between forty-five minutes to an hour. You will be asked questions to which you will (try to) answer honestly. You will be asked to write things down, especially your goal and the date you want to achieve it by. The sessions are designed to work out what is important to you and what isn’t and to ascertain where you are now and where you’d like to be. In order to do this, coaching tools such as visualisation exercises may be used. You will never be asked to do anything you don't want to do.

The amount of sessions you may need differs from person to person but we can discuss this in your FREE first session; I would suggest at least four sessions though in order for you to get something out of the coaching process.

In the beginning, the sessions should take place on a weekly basis. I feel that at the start, weekly meetings work best as the momentum is in full flow and we can capitalise on it. We can move to fortnightly sessions after the first month if this is preferable.

Great, so you’ve taken the first step - the next step is to either call me on 07808 225777 or email me at

ifyoureally want

Very effective – Jane has a great sense of humour and used it when necessary throughout our sessions. She is lively and infectious and so positive that I would leave each session feeling truly ready to take on the world!! I am now setting myself more achievable goals and have stopped panicking quite so much!

Isabel Stanley, Designer